Need Help With Bunny Production

All beginners in magic should address their questions here.

Postby Guest » 09/15/06 02:36 PM

Im a beginner and i need help with two things with this effect:
1. I was planning on getting Morrissey's Super Pan, but if you have anything better in mind that will fit a DWARF Rabbit please let me know (or better quality)
2. I am having trouble coming up with a routine. I need to come up with something so i know what i can tie it with but all my ideas seem stupid. I dont want to steal your routines, but if you could come up with something new.

I would appreciate it....

(Im willing to buy a Bunny Pan from someone used)

Postby Guest » 09/15/06 04:25 PM

If you end up using Morrissey's Super Pan you should do the old classic of cooking something with magic. Break some eggs, a little lighter fluid, use the lid to control the flames and's not a cake.

Pour kernels in the pan intending to make popcorn and do but there is a bunny sitting among the loaded popped corn

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