Working Magicians in Thailand?

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Postby Guest » 11/22/07 03:21 PM

Hello Friends,

I've made some initial contact with a handful of magicians who have lived or performed in Thailand.

For those I haven't spoken to about Thailand please share your experiences here and I encourage you to email me as well. I'm considering a teaching position but won't know which city I'll be working for a few months. When I finally arrive I'd like to perform at a nearby venue as well.

You are welcome to mention friends, locations, advice, links, etc. Of particular interest is how to "get a gig" in a big city, what "type" of effects work best, and some of the legal hurdles concerning work permits, etc. The school will provide me with a work permit but I don't think that would cover me if I put on a magician's hat
and performed down the road.

This information will not only help me but all the others that are interested in the same idea. Thailand is a big country so I'm sure there is plenty of work (free and otherwise) to go around.

Lastly I'd like to express my gratitude for this forum and to recongnize the hard work of Richard Kaufman and the Genii staff. I rarely send an email to a fellow magician without crediting this site for being so helpful.

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