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Postby Guest » 10/12/07 03:42 PM

Hi, Before I ask my question, I know you should buy what you like or what works for you. I would like to start collecting all types of magic books. So I was wondering if there is a web site of all types of magic books or a list of all the magic books that are collectors items. Like how many copies were made etc... Where do you find out info on a book if it is going to be worth getting or whats a hit umong the magic world? I know where to buy the books but is there, I guess a review place on old a new books?


Postby Guest » 10/12/07 10:32 PM


Check out this thread for the names of a few very reputable dealers - guys who won't screw you.

Collecting all types of magic books is different from collecting "collector's items." The former, if done thoroughly, could be considered a library of magic, and the latter, well, a collection of magic books.

Do you have unlimited funds? If not, then you will want to focus your hunt.

Wish I had more time for this post, but hope it helps in some small way.


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