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Postby Guest » 03/29/02 08:18 AM

I have heard alot of people use the term "spellbound". And i have no idea what in the world it could posbly mean. So, if you may, could you tell me what the term "spellbound" means?

Thanks for your time,

Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/29/02 08:45 AM

"Spellbound" is the name of Dai Vernon's routine which was published in "The Stars of Magic" where a copper coin changes to a silver coin and back. It is based on Edward Victor's "The Changing Coin," which is turn may have been based on a routine I read in either The Sphinx or Mahattma from around 1905.
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Postby Guest » 03/29/02 08:47 AM

I beleive that the term you speak of refers to a coin slight called the "spellbound change".
It is described in full detail in Bobo's book and by David Roth in his book as well as his video series. (And I'm sure in thousands of other coin book/videos)

Postby Guest » 03/29/02 10:30 AM


Postby Ira Rush » 03/30/02 02:23 PM

Spellbound can also refer to a certain position in which the coin is held.

Many sleights and/or effects call for the coin to be held initially in "spellbound" position,before the other sleight is made.
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Postby Pete Biro » 03/30/02 04:40 PM

KJ, let us know when you get a copy of Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, and when you finish reading it.
Thanks, and good luck, coin magic is great fun.

A shame you don't have the opportunity to take lessons from Slydini (he is deceased, sadly)... but if you can ever get your hands on any kind of video of him you will see the potential of coin magic.

And the same goes for David Roth.
Stay tooned.
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