Recommendations on constucting small illusions and tricks

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Postby Guest » 08/29/01 02:22 AM

I very much enjoy making my own tricks. I enjoy the process and I find that it makes the effect more incredible. A red tube with the face of a Chinese Conjurer on it announces "Magic Trick". However, an oatmeal tube at breakfast is quite unexpected.

I have not had much luck at my local Shop finding good books on the construction of modest gafs and gimmicks. There seems to be several books on building stage illusions (and some of these concepts are adaptable), but I can not find any books on constructing smaller parlor and close-up tricks. Any suggestions?

Postby Brad A._dup1 » 08/29/01 11:11 PM

The Tarbell Course in Magic is full of little things like that.

Sometimes the things you're looking for might not be published. Look at other effects, see how you can manipulate them.

I've been to a Magic Castle Swap Meet, and have seen old tricks dirt cheap. They could be retooled, redesigned. Revitalized.

I'd try that.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/04/01 11:52 PM

Cosmo, Brad is correct--the Tarbell course does contain material like that. Other places to look are books on magic written for the public. There is one by John Mullholland, can't recall the title (but the word MAGIC is in there), that has constructable stuff, and an interesting trick with a little Buddha. Also check out Jim Steinmeyer's lecture notes, his column "Conjuring" in MAGIC (back issues), and some books by British magicians. Brits are more fond of tricks with tubes and boxes than magi in the US, perhaps it's because more of them do children's magic. Whatever the reason, their books for the public have lots of stuff that needs to be constructed.
You might be able to buy some of these books from John Greget in Scottsdale Arizona (it might be Phoenix).
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Postby Guest » 09/06/01 03:18 PM

Thanks, bradmagic, Richard. I am working my way through the Tarbell lessons. I will check out the other recommendations.

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