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Postby mike henkel » 05/18/04 04:34 PM

Does anyone have contact info for Eddie Ace in NJ? Is he still making special sponges?please mail me thanks
mike henkel
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Postby Nicholas Carifo » 05/18/04 05:56 PM

Hi MH,

Eddie "Ace" Pacacha does not live (and never did live to my knowledge) in New Jersey.

He is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Yes he is still the world's BEST sponge carving artist for the magic community.

You can contact him directly through the Greater Pittsburgh Magic Network.:

click here:
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Underwo ... thors.html

main site: http://geocities.com/thegpmn

Please tell him Nick says hi:)

Nicholas Carifo
Burbank, CA
Nicholas Carifo
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