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Postby Guest » 02/26/02 03:11 PM

I'm at a point in my magic venture that I am looking to purchase a "Himber" style wallet. In my quest, I have become more confused than ever. Since this piece of equipment is somewhat pricey, I was hoping to get it right the first time for a change. Any experience with particular manufacturers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Postby Guest » 02/27/02 04:30 PM

My Himber Wallet was made by Johnson Products and is 30 yearsd old and still looks great. I highly recommend their wallets. Another excellent leather source for magicians is Roy Roth (R.A.R.Magic) who makes some of the best wallets around.
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Postby Guest » 02/27/02 04:55 PM

Thanks so much, I appreciate your advice. I will look in to both of those products.

Postby Guest » 02/27/02 05:01 PM

The best Himber type wallet I ever saw was the one owned by George Schindler. It was unusual in that it had a 1" leather snap fastener in the middle; (and a zipper I believe?). I've never seen one before or since and I believe George said they're not available anymore. If I could find anything remotely similar I would love to purchase it. Georges' was really worn and is still the very best Himber wallet I ever saw.

Postby Bill Duncan » 02/27/02 09:14 PM

You might find the Magic Reference Project has some information that will help.

Click here to read an article on trick wallets.
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Postby Guest » 02/28/02 09:05 PM

The Magic Reference Project was a great deal of help and clarifed several issues for me. Many thanks!

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