artificial fruits

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Postby Guest » 12/23/04 07:54 AM

I am looking for solid rubber fruits, for my final load production of my cups n balls. Any ideas???

Postby Simon » 12/23/04 12:33 PM

It's probably a load of effort but you can get brilliant fake food from Japan. It's really common to see restaurants with amazing looking food displayed in their windows, all plastic, showing it as it would be presented to you. They look very real and you can get almost anything, fruit, veg, meat, rice, noodles, gravy!! There's loads of shops in Tokyo selling this stuff to restaurants. I'm sure they'd mail you some fruit!!
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Postby Martin Kaplan » 12/23/04 01:32 PM

Try Michael Ammar. Follow this link here
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Postby Jon Elion » 12/23/04 03:13 PM

Here's another site with great fake food of all varieties:
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