Friends of Mike Stout (Louisville, KY)

All beginners in magic should address their questions here.

Postby Guest » 01/16/08 11:17 AM

Mike Stout, a Louisville performer and magic shop owner lost his 44 y/o wife Missy to an anuerisim two days after Christmas.

Mike performs under the name Rhine Zenner as a mentalist and owner of Candleworx and Magic. He is now a single father of a wonderful son and daughter. Unfortunately due to his loss he is closing the only dedicated magic shop in the city.

Those who know him and want to sent condolences can reach him via email and phone provided below:

Store: 502-495-2101

Mike sold me my first packet trick and has been a constant source of assistance. Missy was an excellent performer herself in their popular seance routine and operated the "candle" portion of the shop.

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