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Postby Guest » 10/08/06 12:02 PM

So, as of right now i don't know how to do a single magic trick, but I really, really want to learn. I was watchin TV the other day, and this guy named david blaine was freakin floating in the air. I was like how in the world did he do that. I was amazed, and I want to learn how to do the same thing.

How long do you think it's going to take for me to be able to float like that guy, and does anyone know how to do it. It's got to be some kind of jumping or something.

Furthermore, do you guys have any suggestions on where I should start learning tricks. I want to learn the MIND BLOWING tricks. Help me out here.

I really want to levitate like that guy. Do you guys realize how many women I can pick up if i can freakin fly.

OMG, the possibilities are endless. :D

Postby Richard Kaufman » 10/08/06 01:24 PM

If you are seriously interested, then you have to start with some easy stuff first. We have a bunch of tricks available for free on the Genii website here:
They are simple to do, but will fool people. Once you have mastered a few like that, you will be ready to learn more.
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Postby Guest » 10/09/06 10:48 AM

Depends on where your interests lie. If you like all-around close-up, Vernon, Lorayne, Wilson all have great books attributed to close-up as do many others.

If you are into cards, Royal Road is a god starting point.

Coins, Bobo's Modern Coin Magic is great.

Postby Pete Biro » 10/09/06 11:23 AM

Buy the Tarbell Course in Magic. Read and study those books FIRST.
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Postby Guest » 10/09/06 11:51 AM

As for floating like Blaine to learn it takes 30 seconds, to learn when to do it is another story.
Steve V

Postby Guest » 10/09/06 10:39 PM

What do u mean, to learn when to do it is another story?

Postby NCMarsh » 10/09/06 11:35 PM

To have the impact on other people that you saw Blaine have, and felt Blaine have, takes a lot more than the secrets to tricks. Yes, you need the secrets, and you'll find that you can come by them more easily than you expect.

What is far more important is to show those secrets respect by practicing diligently and thoroughly. You've wandered onto a forum that happens to include, and be read by, some of the very finest magicians in the entire well as many of us who are not at the level but do know quite a bit and can be very helpful. The amount of knowledge on this board is unbelievable.

To really benefit from it, though, I would suggest not just coming in and asking for secrets. Take the suggestions you've been given seriously: Magic for Dummies, The Amateur Magician's Handbook, Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, and Harry Lorayne's The Magic Book are excellent places to start.

If you take those books seriously and work at what you learn (and have fun with it!); then maybe magic is worth continuing to pursue. At which point I would move on to the Tarbell Course in Magic and subscribe to Genii Magazine.

Magic is not for everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Being able to do what you saw Blaine do takes work, but -- if it is for you -- it is enjoyable work.

Truly astonishing, high level magic is not -- however -- something that you can casually dip into.

Coming onto this forum and asking to learn to float is a bit like coming to a music teacher, after having heard a world-class performance of Mozart, and wanting the secret to being able to immediately perform the same piece at the same level.

Yes, there is a secret to the trick -- but knowing the secret and being able to do the trick convincingly are two VERY different things.

A lot of people saw Blaine on TV and wanted the secret to that trick, they were -- unfortunately for them -- able to find it before they had any kind of serious foundation in magic. They ended up looking very stupid in front of their friends when they tried it and it looked awful.

The levitation David did takes experience and a solid foundation in magic to be successfully attempted live.

So, if you're looking to be able to do this overnight... reality is that it is not going to happen

If that means this art isn't for you, that's fine and I think you will have saved some of your time by realizing that now.

If you think this might be an interest you could go deeper in, then welcome to the club!

Pick up one of the books mentioned, find a cozy chair and a deck of cards, and enjoy!

Best of Luck,

Nathan Orlando Magician
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Postby Guest » 10/13/06 08:42 PM

Do you guys realize how many women I can pick up if i can freakin fly.
It is a little hard to lift a woman and levitate at the same time :cool:

Sorry, couldn't help myself...

Postby Guest » 08/12/07 05:49 PM

Read the Trick Brain by Fitzkee which is the Bible for magicians. Then after you have read it start over from the beginning and this time study it.

As for levitating like Blaine, best to start with about $10,000, a sponsor, a camera crew, a studio, and, well you get the idea. For now try the Balducci method.

Postby Guest » 08/13/07 07:40 AM

I agree that the Trick Brain is a great book to help develop a magical awareness sort of speak. It helps you realize the types of magic effects and you begin to see everyday objects as potential magical exercises. However, I don't consider it a good beginner's book and feel that books already suggested in this thread are fine ways to start in magic.

Postby Guest » 08/13/07 10:55 AM

If you want to get into magic then the books suggested are a prime place to start. I think depending on what you want to do from there is going to determine where you go afterwards. If you are into large scale stage magic then there are places you can learn that. If you are like me and like Close up coin magic there are places for that. I think that one of the biggest street magic communities on the web is They have a rep for focusing on the style of magic the Blaine does (Walk Around/ Street Magic). I wouldn't do too much on Ellusionist until you have a foundation from reading the books suggested.

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