dusted off old stuff for 5yr old ...need patter etc.

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Postby Guest » 11/27/05 09:50 AM

My daughter's 5th birthday is coming next week and I'd like to do a little show for her party. It's been about 20 years since I've touched the stuff in my magic trunk, and even back then I was more of a collector than a preformer... Some of the basic tricks / equipment seem to have become seperated from their instructions/patter so I need some help here from generous spirits.

Here is a list of the equipment/effects I have with no instructions/patter:

--Short rope, medium rope, long ropebecome 3 equal length ropes then back to short-medium-long again

---Red white and blue ropes tied together then knots slipped off to reveal 1 long tri- colored rope

---Multiplying foam bunnies

---White rope hidden inside red rope sleeve (color changing rope?)

---Long rope and short rope hanky tied to one. ropes intertwined then hanky jumps to other rope and back( magnets involved)

---Fantasio appearing cane

---Dove pan

---Top hat surpriseBlack and white tissue paper are torn up and then transforms into paper top hat with paper rabbit inside

I did originally buy all of these effects just seem to have lost the sheets...Can anyone send me scans or docs for any of these?

I would be extremely thankful

Mark (MagicPa)

Postby Jeff Haas » 11/27/05 07:46 PM

Mark, see my email.

Jeff Haas
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Jeff Hass is a hero!

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