Unsuspecting Audience

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Postby Guest » 04/02/06 10:47 AM

Performing magic for people is fun but it can be even more fun when the audience doesn't know that you're a magician and they don't know that they're the audience. As an example I've casually "bent" the host's good silverware and then restored it while carrying on a conversation at the dinner table. Of course the host didn't know that I was a magician and the expression on their faces is often priceless. I'm sure if I stop and think about it for a while I can think of other examples but I'd like to hear of some examples of others.

Postby Guest » 04/03/06 09:52 PM

I was inspired to change my style to Wizard magic from watching Del Ray's act, and the one trick that impressed me the most was not even an official "trick." He "accidentally" dropped a card box during a card routine, gave the box an annoyed look and gestured with his head. The box leaped off the floor and back onto his table at once.

I have found many uses for similar little "accidents" happening to me when I am out in public minus my Wizard paraphanalia, using a variety of small objects and a simple bill-snatcher reel to restore the situation.

Postby Guest » 04/04/06 01:58 PM

Thank you for that Spellbinder. I've thought about doing Daryl's Twice Torn Bill at the bank sometime. I just need to rehearse the "acting" a little more. As Don Alan once reminded me the money in this business is necessary but we do it to see the expression on people's faces. And from my experience the expression on the audience's face can often be even better when they don't know that you do magic and you can see them questioning in their minds what they just witnessed. I don't make a habit out of doing this but once in a while under the right circumstances it can be fun.

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