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Postby SIX » 02/20/05 01:04 PM

This is a great effect i have been doing alot lately and im running low on thread and feel the local magic shop charges to much so i would rather go to and craft store.But i need to know what kind of thread it uses in the effect what is the name of that brand of thread?
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Postby Guest » 02/21/05 12:13 PM

Try to find *Basting thread* in a shop selling articles for tailors/seamstresses/ladies.

Basting thread is the thread tailors (earlier and maybe still, if there are any tailors left) use to fasten clothpieces prematurely before the real sewing is done with strong thread..it is normally easily breakable and a spool doesn't cost much, a single $ or 2, maybe even less..

Postby BlueEyed Videot » 02/21/05 02:12 PM

Take a look at Basting Thread :genii:
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Postby Bob Taxin » 02/21/05 06:27 PM

For stage work, I recommend wool.It breaks quite easily and is thicker than thread, so it shows better from a distance.

Bob Taxin
Bob Taxin
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Postby Guest » 02/22/05 02:01 AM

For stagework Auke van Dokkum has at his site:

Glowing thread at a reasonable price on 220 yard spools.

Note however, it doesn't break as easily as Basting thread, but can be broken in the hands, with a bit more strain.
Aukes price is much cheaper then the one from the Camirand Academy..

At Aukes site look under:

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