5-Way Colouring Book

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Postby Sean Piper » 04/28/03 03:50 AM

Has anyone used 'The Book of Imagination' 5-Way Colouring Book? Any converts from 3-Way to 5-Way?

I got mine in the mail today, because I love the Colouring Book effect, but EVERYONE does it. Hoping to retain the trick in a new context I ordered the 5-Way. However the handling seems very awkward.

Any tips/advice?
Sean Piper
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Postby Guest » 04/28/03 02:01 PM

I've never seen the one you have, but I've had a 5-way (or may be 6-way) coloring book for about 10 years now, and have never used it. Like you, I feel the handling is a little awkward.

Steve Thomas

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