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Postby C. Hampton » 10/10/02 12:11 PM

I was wondering if any of you guys can point me in the right direction as to where to find instructions of how to make one of this castles.

Carlos Hampton
C. Hampton
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Postby Frank Yuen » 10/10/02 04:02 PM

John Fedko produced a booklet titled "How to Make a Card Castle". If I remember correctly it sold for about $6.00. Should be just what you need. Hopefully someone will be able to supply you with contact info for Fedko.

Frank Yuen
Frank Yuen
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Postby C. Hampton » 10/11/02 03:02 PM

Thanks Frank. If any member knows where I can find this Ill be grateful.

Carlos Hampton
C. Hampton
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Postby Guest » 10/21/02 11:51 AM

They are very cheap to buy and would take quite a long time to make, I would vote for just purchasing one.

Postby sleightly » 10/21/02 03:52 PM

I made one once out of Jumbo Cards, still have it in the barn, suffered a tiny bit of water damage slightly warping a few of the cards (no discolorations), but if anyone is interested, I might be willing to part with it for a few shekels (stands over 4' tall)...

When collapsed, 17-1/4" x 22-1/2"...

Over 100 jumbo Bicycle playing cards went into its construction...


Jumbo Card Castle 1
Jumbo Card Castle 2
Jumbo Card Castle Collapsed

Email me for details...

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