Nemo Jumbo Rising Cards

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Postby Guest » 03/31/03 09:30 PM

I recently aquired a Ken Brooke Nemo jumbo rising card effect. I'm curious if anyone out there ever performed or still does perform this.

I'd also like to hear from anyone that may have ever seen it demonstrated by Mr. Brooke in his shop or seen it presented by other performers.

The instructions are the most complete I've ever read and if followed it's difficult to imagine not getting a great reaction.

For those that may not know the effect-

Three jumbo cards are chosen freely from a deck that may be examined by the audience. A lucite (perspex to the British) houlette is also examined.

The deck is placed into the houlette. One of the chosen cards is palced in a manilla envelope and also placed into the houlette.

The remaining cards are placed in the houlette as well.

The spectator whose card was placed in the envelope is asked to join the performer on stage.

Two of the cards rise from the houlette while the performer is six feet from the table upon which the houlette rests. One of these cards rises while a hankerchief covers the houlette.

As a finale' The spectator who is onstage with the performer is asked to hold the houlette in his hands.

As he does the envelope rises from the houlette, the flap of the envelope opens and the spectators' chosen crd rises from the envelope.

:eek: Well, that's what I'd do if I'd seen this performed.

Perhaps Mr. Biro has a few pearls of wisdom regarding this item as he played a part in its' inception.

Besides it's a good chance to get some more great Ken Brooke stories out of him ;) .

Kindest regards,

Pete Mills

Postby Pete Biro » 04/02/03 10:37 AM

FEAR is the only problem and that is something that you can get rid of as soon as you see how easy it really is... and what an effect it has on the audience.

Billionaire Roger Penske hired me to fly from California to his home in PA to entertain at a Christmas Party.

I closed with the Nemo Rising cards and to say it was a KILLER effect would be putting it mildly.

A major Corporate friend was holding the houlette and he nearly needed to have his laundry done when the envelope and his card rose.

Keep it simple. And have NO FEAR of the thread. Laymen don't know it existes.

Use a purple marker and dye the thread in short lengths (5 inches) and leave undied then dyed...

Be loose and relaxed.

Do it. :cool:
Stay tooned.
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Postby Hanno » 04/02/03 12:38 PM

Years ago I saw Roy Johnson perform this effect . It was a killer and a friend of mine which is a layman still speaks about that effect which happens in his hands. He performed it on a small stage, no special lighting. A great effect.
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Postby Guest » 04/02/03 01:17 PM

I have had this effect for years, given to me by my dad. I am now inspired to perform this.

About the thread - I know the thread I have is old and would like to renew it - what would anyone recommend?

Postby Guest » 04/02/03 08:09 PM


Thanks for the words of wisdom and encouragement.

I do understand what you mean Pete, about the thread. I'm certainly not advocating this but you can be somewhat haphazard in the way you handle it and it still works.

I found this out while resetting it and rehearsing with it several times. I remember Fred Kaps saying that it's a good idea to keep playing with a prop and "never put it away in the cupboard..." ( Insert charming dutch accent here).

This is the effect I am currently doing that with.

Again, thanks for the kind response from all.

I'll report back after I have performed this.


Pete Mills

Postby Guest » 04/02/03 08:23 PM


The effect when I received it had the original prepared performance envelope just as it came from Ken Brooke's Magic Place some thirty-four years ago.

Guess what? It worked like a charm with zero adjustments- yellowing scotch tape and all. Pretty amazing with something as tempermental as thread can be.

(Mr. Brooke sent a rehearsal envelope and one set up to actually perform with so that the purchaser could get used to the technical aspects of the effect. Then and only then, Mr. Brooke gently reminds us should we rehearse with the performance envelpoe.)

As for replacement thread I purchased some size .004 nylon tranparent thread made by Coats & Clark. It is a smoky brown in color.

It looks exactly like the original to me but I confess I have not tried it yet as the original thread has not broken yet! Mr. Brooke would be proud!

Good luck,


Postby Pete Biro » 04/03/03 05:20 PM

Here's a touch I can't remember if Ken put into the instructions or not...

Lay the envelope on a table and coil the thread loosely onto it (dropping from above)... then fold the envelope in half, trapping the thread inside the fold.

I hope this explanation is clear.

Now you can put the envelope into your jacket pocket.

When you need the envelope, take it out, let it unfold with the thread TOWARD the audience, and then snap the envelope at the rear (side toward you) sharply, with your index finger, snapping off your thumb.

This causes the thread to shoot strait out toward the audience and invisibly, drop down, untangled.

Proceed with routine. :genii:
Stay tooned.
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Postby Guest » 04/03/03 07:19 PM


In reading the original instructions as well as the ammendments Mr. Brooke made after the original release in the Anthony Brahms book(I think this part of the "after-service)I don't recall seeing this bit.

Does folding the envelope cause any change in the amount of friction on the last card?

I guess you could just fold the envelope back and forth several times to take out the tension.


Pete Mills

Postby BrendanK » 08/12/03 01:15 PM

I have just taken delivery of a Houlette 2 envelopes and *very* detailed instructions for NEMO Rising Cards.

From earlier posts I can start looking for Thread, but what sort of cards do you advise using for this effect?

The instructions refer to the ends of the deck having been polished - Were original cards plastic coated ? Piatnik?

Any tips Mr Green? Mr Biro?

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Postby Q. Kumber » 08/12/03 02:18 PM

As far as I can remember Ken and others used Piatnik Jumbo cards. I also believe that Bunny Neil a professional magician now living (I think) in Jamica contributed a lot to the finer elements of the handling. Bunny used it regularly in his show. I'm sorry I didn't get to see him when appeared in Ireland. That would have been mid-1970's.

It is amazing when the envelope rises from the houlette and unbelievable when the spectator holds the envelope and in their hands it opens and the card comes out.

Am I mistaken here? Did the spectator hold the envelope in their own hand or did it just open while still in the houlette?
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Postby Hanno » 08/12/03 03:05 PM

The envelope is still in the houlette when the envelope opens...
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Postby Dick Koornwinder » 08/12/03 03:36 PM

Ken Brooke was selling the routine with Piatnik Jumbo Cards. Piatnik cards are thinner and more important also smoother. It was easy to check. The houlette is standing on top of my desk. I can imagine the spectator will tell later the envelope was in her hands but the truth is that the envelope is still in the houlette when it opens. I have seen many times Ken Brooke performing this routine, with all those bits of business, and it was that good that Im still afraid of performing he trick myself
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Postby Pete Biro » 08/12/03 08:56 PM

Once you get some "miles" on this routine, you will be surprised how LOOSE you can be.

I have not done it for some time, as I tended to be more of a stand up comedy club performer and the locations I worked were not that conducive to getting someone up to help.

They were often a little too loose themselves and hard to control, or the audience was almost surrounding me...

I may revise doing it for a convention show I have coming up.
Stay tooned.
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Postby Guest » 09/16/06 09:46 PM

Sorry to resurrect this topic, but on recently acquiring a Nemo Card Rising, I was given two different sets of instructions on the effect, and both by Ken Brooke. The first (on yellow colored paper) was mostly writing with one last page containing simple diagrams, while the second one was written in 1969 with an extensive well drawn explanation of the effect.

Am I correct to assume that the simple set of instructions was the one originally released with the trick and was that in 1967?

Postby Pete Biro » 09/16/06 11:22 PM

Probably so... Ken was known for adding to instructions as he got bits and advice from those using his props.
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Postby Guest » 09/17/06 12:34 AM

Bunny Neil who made The Nemo Jumbo Rising Cards a feature of his show, added a lot of information to Ken's after sales sheets.

Unfortunately he passed away a few months ago.

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