Lie Detector

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Postby Guest » 01/06/03 11:12 PM

Hi there,
I am looking for some ideas for the presentation of the standard Lie Detector for kids.

What sort of plots do people use?

Postby Guest » 01/28/03 04:52 PM

I'm looking for adult routines as well. Any help?

Some ideas for family audinces can be:
How often do you change your socks?
Do you have boy/girl friend?
Is in the audience?
Do you like the potato with fish icecream?

The kids enjoy the stupid questions...

Postby Guest » 01/29/03 10:02 AM

As an embellishment for that idea, how about a small mask that you could put on the child which has a nose, that if you pull it, it gorws. Each time they "lie", you could pull the nose and make it grow a little longer.
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