Other ways of using the McCombical principle

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Postby Brad A._dup1 » 02/21/03 02:38 PM

Has anyone out there in GeniiForumland found or seen any other methods to do the McCombical deck other than the standard dealer performance?

Dana Daniels uses the basic principle in his act.

What are some more uses for this prop?

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Postby Pete Biro » 02/21/03 07:58 PM

I used a version called "Potty Prediction" marketed by Ken Brooke. It uses one deck and a card (Jumbos) in an envelope with a window (the back shows). You put the "matching" card into the envelope, but when it comes out it is correct.

However, I quit using the envelope and use a very clever slate.

Thanks for reminding me... I have a show Sunday night and this will fit in perfectly! :genii:
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Postby Guest » 02/21/03 11:43 PM

I have flicked all the extra pips off the 'wrong' card making it right e.g. the eight of diamonds turns into the two of diamonds.

You would have to make up a rigged deck yourself though.

Postby Russell Davis » 03/01/03 12:23 PM

I once did a stage version using two huge pads of paper, each with some of the symbols of chemical elements from the periodic table.

I seemed to force silver sulfide (I think), having made a prediction consisting of one big piece of folded paper with writing "Silver Sulfide / AgS", and a tarnished silver tray put into a grocery bag. The end of the effect was that somehow NaCl was selected, so the big paper was unfolded to now show the formula for salt on it (this got great reaction!), and the grocery bag was ripped away to reveal a giant salt shaker.

The paper pads were made much like a McC Deck. (It worked okay, but I'd do some things better next time.) The back of the paper bag switched one folded sheet of paper for the other (this worked especially well, based on the strong reaction at the end). The inside of the bag switched out the "silver" tray. The big shaker was inside from the start. The bottom of the bag was X-cut for easy rippage.

Auditioning for the gig, I just used two packets of unroughed cards marked up with symbols McC-like but otherwise double-blank, a top change and a double lift or two, and a switch envelope for the prediction. Gagged it up with reference to Periodic Table of Elephants, symbol Xe (Xenon) being the Warrior Princess element, and so on.
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