D Lite not so bright !!!

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Postby Guest » 11/14/02 01:00 PM

I have used dlites extensively in my act for a few years now. Unfortunately as I am sure many of you have encountered you do not always have control over stage lighting (if there is any !) or any control as to any type of lights that are used whilst you are doing your act. Also try telling a layman when you would like the lights dimmed (or as they understand turned off) and you will see what I mean. So my main question is has anyone any advise on how to make a dlite brighter. I have tried putting two gimmicks in one thumb tip and have tried to locate a brighter bulb and have even thought about putting a small hole in the thumb tip where the bulb is (ok maybe not) but to no avail. Surely someone has the answer so that my dlite will look just like they do in the adverts with normal lighting. Many thanks,

Stuart Brown

Derby Magic Circle (UK)

Postby David Fletcher » 11/20/02 07:58 AM

The adverts for the dlite are adverts. Yours will never look the same unless you have professional lighting and camera work.

Get a friend to work the lights.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/20/02 12:41 PM

I've never seen D'lite used in anything other than a fairly close performance. It never occured to me that one would use it on stage--the light plainly doesn't seem bright enough.
It might be an interesting effect at a seance ...
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 11/20/02 02:11 PM

Rocco uses it on stage. I think he even did it one year at a FISM competition (and it wasn't the close-up competition). I think I may have it on tape from one of those Japanese FISM specials.


Postby mop krayz » 11/24/02 11:35 AM

To start off you need to find the brightest LED you can afford. LEDs are rated in MCD (candels). The more MCDs the brighter the LED will light. There is a catch: usually the brighter they are the less viewing angle they have! Some of the brightest LEDs give only have around 15 degrees of viewing angle!

When using dlites on stage it is always advisable to turn on those blu gels!
mop krayz
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Postby Chance Wolf » 12/24/02 12:25 AM

When Rocco first introduced Dlite, I immediatley went into R&D and created many effects (which ended up on the market later..ugh, day late and a dollar short)Back to the point, I later discovered the HIGH INTENSITY led's.(photon beam etc..)Now that the hype is over, you can purchase them at any 7-11 or qwik mart for as cheap as $2.99 including battery. I make my own units and they are FAR superior to the D'lite's. A subtle trick is to dig away some of the inner tip surface of the Thumbtip to create more visibility of the beam at the tip (rather than drill a hole) As for being a Stage Effect, I have done this MANY times on stage for medium to small venues and recieved MANY comments that it was their favorite part of the act. I have always had control of my lighting so it does make it easier. I run a single Soft Red par 56 light S/R and a Soft Blue S/L. I had the success of visibility BEFORE the High Intensity upgrades. If you want any tips, feel free to ask.
I hope this helps!
Chance Wolf
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Postby Guest » 12/24/02 04:42 AM

As Mop Krayz say, the power is critical.
An LED with 1500 MCD and up should work just fine.
But 1500 is about the minimum for stage work.
Peter Marucci

Postby Bizzaro » 01/06/03 03:48 PM

They do make LED's that are 180 degree visable. We use them in the eyes for our demonic dove bit.

Personally I stopped using d'lite's for a few reasons. A: they break a bit easy unless you know how to fix them RIGHT when you get them and B: they are too commercial for our shows. Add to that the fact a lot of people who ever saw TAxi Cab Confessions know what they are now.

I would say move over to try out finger fazer's however, trying to get away with those on anywhere but a stage might be hazardous.. especially in a night club where raver toys are heavily present. Personally I have never had visibility issues with D'lites. I cannot say the same for any color other than red tho'.
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Postby Guest » 02/24/03 05:43 PM

Back around the time D'lite first came out I had made several different versions of this trick for my own personal use. I in fact had the yellow and green colors before theye were sold on the retail market. There was one vast difference in what was sold by Innovative marketing and my own. Mine were brighter and more compact.Let me begin by saying that I mean in no way to put down the commercial product I just believe that mine were better suited to stage work.This is what you need.First go to Radio shack and ask for the brightest Led's they sell. Be sure to get led and not light emiting diodes. Also ask them to show you the selection of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are more expensive but I believe they last longer and the number one reason I used them as aposed to alkaline is you can get the needed 3v in a smaller size than you can with alkaline. The smaller size will allow them to fit into a standard vernet T.T. For the rest of the setup drill a hole in the tip just below the nail large enough to accept the tip of the LED. As not to get into a blow for blow description here we will assume you get the picture from here on out, with the rest of the construction.
Another idea I used was to use the standard construstion of the original and simply use a hobby knife to cut away some of the plastic at the tip starting just below the nail making a small window about a half inch in diameter. Be careful not to cut away the clear silicone wich acts as a perfect window and it will retain the original shape and keep the "insides" from falling out.I hope this has been some help.
Ronald R. Romiski

Postby Bill Mullins » 02/25/03 12:52 AM

Originally posted by R. Romiski:
First go to Radio shack and ask for the brightest Led's they sell. Be sure to get led and not light emiting diodes.
An "led" is a _L_ight _E_mitting _D_iode -- they are the same thing.
Bill Mullins
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Postby Guest » 02/26/03 03:59 PM

I apologize for not being more specific,
That is super bright LED as apposed to what Radio shack sells in packs of about six if memory serves. On this package it was spelled out, Light Emitting Diodes. On the package you want to buy for making what I explained previously, it was labled Super Bright L.E.D
The clerk told me these were 2 1/2 to 3 times brighter than the others. Also these come one or two to a pack as aposed to 6 of the dimmer counterparts. Also I believe the cheaper dimmer ones were square on the end.

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