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Postby Kendrix » 04/26/03 10:15 AM

I have just received a long awaited book from Mark Parker entitled "4 E Illusion design". It was apparently "held up"
because of some controversy regarding the first effect in the book called "Revolution". I am one of the few who owns the illusion that has generated the questions and I can assure you that Mark's is a quantum leap of improvement.
There are several other illusion designs presented and they are truly great. There is, also, a section for illusions especially to be performed for television.
There is a final section called "Thoughts on Illusions" which is invaluble as well.
This book is a definite "must have" and I recommmend it unconditionally.
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Postby Guest » 05/17/03 03:13 AM

Good evening, where do you get this book
Mark Parker entitled "4 E Illusion design" I am interested in purchasing it... can you get it at any public book store? Or do you have to get it at a magic shop?

Postby Guest » 05/31/03 01:23 PM

For all those in the know about the new Mark Parker Illusion Book and the original ideas in it, the effect "Rubik's Revenge" really got my attention!!
I'm pleased to announce, through a License Agreement with Mark, I now own world wide marketing and manufacturing rights to this effect. My work can currently be found at Stevens Magic Emporium, and in their latest mailer!
If you are interested in having this effect built, you can contact me directly at: You can also visit my website at:
All those mentioning this announcement on the Cafe' will receive a substantial discount, PRE PRODUCTION ORDERS ONLY. Production is scheduled to start sometime July/Aug.
Together, Mark and I will make sure this is a coveted and premier effect, others will talk about.
Your questions and comments are welcomed. I look forward to your emails.
Jack Murray
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