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Postby Pete Biro » 07/29/02 08:24 AM

I just got the following email...
Friends in Magic,

I receved a phone call from Martin Nash this weekend, and he told me that his medical situation is worsening, and the Doctor gives him 6-8 months to live. The bout with pleurisy/pneumonia that caused cancellation of his planned Lecture Tour, has left him with a fungus in the lungs that cannot be cured.

Sorry to bring you bad news, but thought you, and other friends in magic that I don't have contact with, would want to know of the situation. He is still on Vancouver Island, and his e-mail address ( works in case you wish to contact him.

Dave Jarrett

Stay tooned.
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 07/29/02 10:55 AM

This is very depressing news. I count Martin not only among my idols, but my friends as well. Many years ago I wrote an article on Martin for Magic Manuscript, but it never ran. This was way back before PCs, so the original final draft is wherever the publisher put it. Try as I might, I could never find a copy of the final, but I did find one of the rough drafts (including a sidebar written by Harry Lorayne). I was able to give Martin copies of it, so he could, for the first time, read what should have been published.

Amazing as sounds, there has never been a feature article about Martin in any of the major magic magazines. Shortly before I gave Martin the draft of my original MM article, I asked him if he might be interested in doing something for Genii (Jon Racherbaumer might remember the fact that I pitched the idea to him shortly after he came on board the Genii staff), but he had already committed to something for MAGIC. I have no idea what the disposition of that piece is, though it has been well over a year ago - maybe two (I'd have to check dates, and I'm not in the position to do that right now). The bottom line is, it would have been nice had a feature been done on Martin before this terrible turn of events. I believe that he deserved it.

I'm going to go do a few seconds now. Hopefully it will help me think of the joyful things that Martin gave us.


PS: Martin, if you are reading this, I'll be emailing you from home later.
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