Khyber Kobra

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Postby Guest » 08/20/06 11:25 AM


Any one that have an Khyber Kobra for sale? Must be original CW with ATA case in good working order.

Mail me:

Postby Guest » 09/16/06 01:46 PM

I would not get a Khyber Kobra because if you have any mechanical problems you are out of luck. George has had mine for over 2 years with no end in sight. I offered to buy another if he would sell me one at his cost. He declined. Any apparatus like this is only as good as the people who back it up.

Postby Guest » 09/17/06 10:06 AM

I've had my Khyber Kobra (that I bought used from an individual in Canada) for almost 15 years, and short of having to tweak the levers on the rocker switches a tiny bit once, I've never had any problem out of this solid piece of apparatus. I even have the name/number of the guy who originally built these for Nick and Rich when they first came out with it. I spoke with him a couple time concerning it (no problems, though) and, although you could tell he doesn't want to have anything to do with 'em, he was more than happy to talk about it.


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