Who makes a good 'fickle fire' type setup nowadays?

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Postby Robert Allen » 06/23/03 08:21 PM

I've "heard tell" that Kikuchi isn't making Fickle Fire anymore, so I'm looking for something similar (with real fire). Hank Lee is selling "Fire Palms", which he claims is in several ways better than Fickle Fire. Has anyone used Fire Palms? Any recommendations for the FF of choice nowadays?


Robert Allen
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Postby Kendrix » 06/30/03 04:41 PM

Jair Bonaire made the best ones I have ever gotten. I think, however, he quit magic and is a locomotive engineer now.
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Postby Guest » 07/11/03 05:58 PM

Fire Palms is a better prop that FF. I find that it is smaller than the conventional FF, and conceals a lot easier. Look into getting Fire Palms- good investment.

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