Peter loughran's E2 - A Review

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Postby Guest » 03/05/05 10:52 AM

Peter Loughrans Elevator 2 The Review

After over a year of teasing us, Mr. Loughran has finally delivered the goods. Was it worth the wait?

Lets take a look at what you get for your hard-earned cash.

I picked up my 9 x 6 x 6 parcel from the post office. It had arrived safely all the way from Canada. There were so many customs stickers on it Im amazed the postmaster could read my address. I also had 12 in customs duty to pay (oops), but I Knew it was going to be worth it.

The box contained the new E2 and a 36 page booklet (Approx. 5.5 x 8.5).

The booklet is well produced. It has a full colour card cover and 36 printed pages of instructions that include 24 black and white photographs. The photographs have a photocopied look about them but the photographs are still very clear.

The booklet takes the reader through several stages. There is a brief introduction and a section on the history and evolution of the E2. There is also a short discussion about E2 and the original Elevator. This explains all the improvements that have been made since the E1 (Ill mention these later.) The reader is then lead to the practical side of the levitation with a basic outline of the effect followed by a very detailed explanation of the set-up. I was very impressed by the detail that Peter has put into this booklet. Everything, yes everything, is explained in great detail. The next section teaches the reader the standard effect and goes on to cover other subjects including spectators, angles, lighting, shoes, clothing and more.

After all that the reader is treated to over 20 routines, presentation ideas and performance tips. These include contributions from Chance Wolf, Corey King, Peter Eggink, Neil Tobin and many other well-known names.

There are also additional thoughts from Peter Loughran who closes with a list of credits, special thanks (thanks Peter) and very special thanks.

Okay, okay what about the E2, I hear you cry.

WOW, I hadnt seen the photographs that Peter had made available, so this was a complete surprise.

My first impression was What the! After the initial shock I was very impressed.

The new E2 is nothing like the old one. The quality of build is superb. This will last a long, long time. Without giving too much away lets just say theres a lot more to the construction of this than the original Elevator. The improvements over the E1 are outlined below.

1. If a spectator is standing far enough away to see under your feet, yes they can see under your feet.
2. You can carry this thing with you all day and forget you have it with you. Completely different from the E1
3. No need to bend down to get ready. You need to do a little experimentation to be able to do this properly but well worth the effort. You can still use the original bend if preferred.
4. The clean-up at the end is silent and simple. Peter went to incredible lengths to improve this.
5. Improved balance, completely different Elevator from the original, I found the balance much easier.
6. You go 0.5 of an inch higher than with the E1

Ive tried this out. It is very practical. The set-up without the bend takes a little time to get used to and you need to make the effort and experiment at home until this is tailored to suit you. Once you get the instructions youll understand. With easier balance and improved stability I felt very confident with the E2. The reactions are just as good and Im not so worried about angles.

I would recommend the E2. I will use this. In fact, like putting my wallet in my pocket before I go out, Im gonna start taking the E2 as well. Well done Peter Loughran, well worth the long wait, youve made the best ever levitation even better.

If anyone has any questions, Ill do my best to answer.


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