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Postby Dave Cox » 12/23/03 02:51 AM

A few years ago I was delighted and chagrined to see that someone had put out something I had "invented" as a youth - I also "invented" the Mirage Deck, and, I thought, using toilet paper for comedy effect, but those were heady days, my friends, heady days. I can't seem to recall what the marketed device was called. It was a sort of belly servante that allowed you to drop into it, and have an object appear immediately in your pocket, if you went to the trouble to have the tailoring done. Does anyone remember what it was called? Do you have one you don't use? Would you be interested in my original take on taking two roundy steel hoop like things and making them join together? Any help is appreciated.

And, please, realize that, in using quotes around the word "invented", I was trying to make it very, very clear that I was speaking in a facetious manner, making wry and self deprecating remarks regarding the experience of, in youthful exuberence and ignorance, independently creating something (in this case, thinking I had "invented" the Kellar rope tie, only to discover that the Davenport Brothers had developed it years before), only to find that someone had created it long before I was born. So, there's no need for anyone to respond in a snarky way by just saying something like "yeah riiiiight" or "sure."
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Postby Pete Biro » 12/23/03 04:41 PM

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Postby Dave Cox » 12/24/03 07:19 AM

The gimmick in question was called "The Direct Link" and was put out by John Anders of the Netherlands, with the aid and permission of Tommy Wonder and Alex deCova. The package, including gimmick and video, was $80, delivered.

OK, two folks sent me emails kindly pointing out that the Mirage Deck had been around long before I was born, Pete Biro responded with a hearty "sure", and one guy let me know that taking two roundy steel hoop like things and making them join together is known as the Chinese Linking Rings and has been around for centuries (though, this very well could have been a gag - after all, it's often hard to figure out what was meant intentionally and what was meant in a wry, humorous, or self deprecating fashion, even if you do use quotes around words like "invented", because they just look like quotes, and not those finger quote things that people make with their hands, which clearly signifies that they don't intend something seriously).

Still, no one gave me any idea of what the dang belly servante thing was called.

I decided to just look through my old stack of Magic magazines. There was the ad on page 8 of the July 1998 issue, the one with Rene Levand on the cover.

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Contact info from the ad:
John Anders
Essehout 158
2719 MG Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
Tel./Fax: +31 (0) 79-361 33 35
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