Irv Weiner's RED TAPE thumb tie

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Postby David Nethery » 06/16/03 01:18 PM

Years ago there was a thumb tie routine put out by Irv Weiner called "Red Tape". Does anyone know who owns the rights to Irv Weiner's magic and if anyone is currently marketing Red Tape or if the routine is in print ?

I'm familiar with the method used, but want to read Weiner's original routine and handling.

(The Red Tape in the trick's name refers to the red electrical tape used to bind the performer's thumbs together.)
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Postby Guest » 06/17/03 09:16 AM

Irv took over the marketing of all his effects himself in later years. I have done that tie for 25 years and remember when "Mr. Fingers" first showed it to me. If anyone knows about the rights it would be Ray Goulet. He owns "The Magic Art Studio", on Spring St., in Watertown, Massachusetts. The phone number is listed with information. Give Ray a call...

Best, PSC

Postby Guest » 07/26/03 04:24 AM

I'm interested in experimenting with a thumb tie routine - possibly investing in one of Deval's leather/buckle thumb ties.

any thoughts on this item? and any suggestions for some good literature (or even video) on the subject?

Postby Guest » 07/27/03 01:47 AM

I worked up my thumb tie after reading "Sixteen Thumb Tie Gems" by Max Andrews (Max Holden, Philadelphia, no publication date given), which I bought for $2.50 in 1995 from Hollywood Magic.

I have it in front of me. It's not very complete, but it does detail sixteen different ties, including:
*The Scissors Tie
*The Steal Method (I and II)
*EM-AY Electric Flex Tie
*EM-AY Pipe Cleaner Variation
*The Tape Tie
*The La France Tie (with two other variations)
*The Gimmick Method
*The Osman Thumb Tie
The Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
*The M.A. Bluff Tie
*The Dunninger Tie
*The Thumb Stocks
*The Thumb Screws

I ended up using twine wrapped in masking tape, and it worked pretty well. I don't remember exactly where I got it, but it may have been from Tarbell.

The thumb tie worked pretty well on the street, but when I started doing magic on Amtrak (65 trips in four years), they forbade us from using sharp objects like scissors, so the routine became unworkable for me.

Hope that helps.

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