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Postby Guest » 04/22/02 09:10 PM

I have been working my stand up act to good effect for the last couple of years and I have just realised I have never shown it to a magician to judge.

What do people think of this line up of effects

*Goldfish Bowl From Brief Case
*Ten Foot Pole From Bag (I still need some good lines. I have been using "
*Burnt Note to Can
*Labelless can prediction (The spectator devines the contents of a labelless can)
*Invisible Deck (OF COURSE)
*Lasso Card
*Missing Spade
*The Yellow Bandana (very funny)
*Cut and Restored Rope.

I also do a terrible joke involving a yellow balloon animal dog, a packet of jelly babies and a Meryl Streep impersonation. "A Dingo Ate My Baby"

I need to get out more

Postby Guest » 04/23/02 07:32 AM

I think it is always good to have magicians see your show and tell you what they think of the magic (if there is anyway to do the trick better or if you are flashing, etc). BUT, it is more important what the lay-people think. They are your real audience and if they love what you are doing (and if you are performing for them on a regular basis you know if they like it or not), then your act is pretty darn good! Good luck!

Postby Guest » 04/26/02 07:07 AM

How have you found the audiences reaction to "The Yellow Bandana." I saw this performed at a magic convention but the audience of magicians did not really give much of a reaction. I have not seen this performed infront of a lay audience. Does it go down well?

Postby Guest » 04/26/02 03:18 PM

Magicians would hate the Yellow Bandana because:-

a) the routine is as old as the hills
b) the devil's hankie version is incredibly obvious to a magician audience.

However, to audience with no concept of a devil's hankie it is good magic because the banana is mushed and messy but it ends up clean.

As for the routine, if you sell the opening, I.e. I am going to reveal how a trick works, then they should be it stitches from the moment the banana comes out of the box.

It is all about how you play the routine. I play it straight and let the tape to all the work.

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