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Postby Kendrix » 06/08/03 10:05 AM

Why don't Genii and Magic magazine have a reviewer for illusions and builders? When so much is written about a $25 card trick, and nothing about illusions that can run in to many thousands of dollars, I sometimes wonder. Is it because there are so few builders that the mags don't want to lose the ad revenues? I wouldn't think so. There are really only a limited number of ads run for illusions. If the builder does good work he would awarded anyway.
The reveiwer would have to be anonomous or the whole premise would not work.
I could fill a book with experiences I have had with builders (both good and bad).
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 06/08/03 04:34 PM

We don't review illusions because it is impractical for the builder to send one to us! Just can't be done. Our reviewers have to have the item in hand and try it out. They frequently learn it and perform the item for laymen to "test drive" it, so to speak.
That's just not practical with an illusion.
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Postby Carl Mercurio » 06/09/03 06:58 AM

It would be helpful though Richard if you could figure out a way. And not just for the multi-thousand-dollar illusions, but even for those props in the $200 to $500 range. Perhaps there are experienced stage performers or illusionists among your network of friends who actually purchase and use these items and would be willing to write reviews. Granted, it would be much more work on your part because it might require identifying dozens of reviewers (i.e., the one who actually have the prop or illusion in question). Right now, the Genii Forum and word of mouth are the only sources I have for insight on whether something is good or bad and worth sinking a big chunk of money into.
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Postby Kendrix » 06/09/03 04:56 PM

Richard: I bet a lot of Genii readers would be amazed and interested in what it takes to make an illusion "performable". Most of the time no one realizes the dozens of phone calls required and that when the illusion is delivered it takes many tweaks and changes depending on the builder to arrive at a finished product.
I, also, agree with Carl that small illusionettes could be included.
I have never seen anyone describe, for example, what is involved in making a Norm Nielsen Dove Cage work. It is a great product, but it has to be worked with.
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