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Postby Guest » 05/07/07 07:11 PM

I'm hoping someone can help me. I am rather at my wits end on this one.
I need to know how to thread the thread onto the razor blades for the razor blades from mouth trick.
The new Paul Pottasey DVD's said that he told everything about his act, but conveniently left this out, as do most other resources I have seen. (Still, excellent DVD's.)
I can only think of two ways to do it. Either get one long piece of thread and try to tie up the razor blades this way.
Or cut the thread into smaller pieces and thread it on piece by piece.
If anyone can help me I would be very grateful.


Postby Mark Collier » 05/07/07 08:11 PM

In his book he seems to explain in a fair amount of detail.

Are you using blades with holes or long slits?
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Postby Guest » 05/07/07 10:46 PM

I'm not sure what the problem is, but if it's any help, it should be one long piece of thread, the thread goes through the hole in the blade, and loops back through, in, say, a clove hitch, and you do it again, stringing the next blade ten inches away.

The thread loops around the end, not the cutting edge, so the razor blade hangs straight up and down. I'm assuming you're using blades like this.

BTW, Bruce Elliott in Classic Secrets Of Magic suggests "strong white carpet thread" but you might want to experiment with dental floss. Classic Secrets Of Magic describes Lee Noble's routine, which produced ten razor blades in a string almost ten feet long. Looking at the illustrations, I see they're not to scale, if you have that book, but they show the stringing fairly well.

Postby Guest » 05/10/07 01:10 AM

Not to be a terrible self-promoter, but my book Helter Shelter goes over that and the new DVD coming out in June ( Go Here to see a teaser.) covers the threading process step by step (as well as many other aspects and nuances... Do I sound like an infomercial yet?)

Regardless, good luck to yahz. There are a few good resources on this effect out there.

Postby Guest » 05/10/07 06:24 AM

Try Tim Ellis "Ellis In Wonderland" Its a great verison and it's safe! Paul's is a great one too but has the disavatage of being a little risky!
I believe if you go to Tim's site you can see him do it! Beside Sue-Anne is all over the site and she is very easy on the eyes! Tim you are a lucky dog!

Postby Guest » 05/21/07 01:45 PM

Thank you all for your tips and suggestions.
James, you nailed the problem right on the head, and answered well. Thanks.
I will keep my eyes out for all of the DVD's and book suggestions.
Thanks again.


Postby Jon Elion » 05/21/07 04:45 PM

In the April 1937 issue of Genii (Volume 1, Number 8), there is a wonderful entry in "Diary of a Magician's Wife" by Geraldine Conrad (Larsen).
Diary of a Magician's Wife
One week from the diary of that fascinating, young wife of the amateur magician, Al Hocus.

Dear Diary; At last I got Al off to his magic meeting and can relax and enjoy myself. He is worse than the youngsters by far! I suppose it is because he always takes so much junk along with him. For instance, he told me not to let him forget to take a little box of blades. I couldn't resist peeking into the box, and, there was a collection of the dullest old razor blades you have ever seen! And he had gone to all the work of stringing these old blades up on a thread. Well, I didn't want the magicians to see those old blades! My lands, they would think Al was broke or something! I ran down to the drug store and got some nice, new, shiny blades and very carefully strung them up just as Al had the others. I know he will be so proud and pleased when he sees them. There are not many wives as thoughtful about little things as am I. I hope Al appreciates it.
Okay, so this probably won't help you stringing the blades, but this was too cute not to pass along!
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