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Postby Brad A._dup1 » 12/29/01 11:08 PM

I've found some wonderful effects that use a shot glass. I'm thinking about creating a small routine out of this.

Does anyone know of any more places I may be able to find some "shot glass effects?"

...There's a few coin things in some early Apocolypse's.

I know that there's plenty more.

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Postby Bill Duncan » 12/30/01 12:23 AM

Eugene Burger does a full shot glass production from a folder paper sack (actually a doggie bag from Biggs' Resturant) that is quite nice.

Also, I have an unpublished coin thru glass that uses a shotglass if you need one...
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Postby Charlie Chang » 12/30/01 02:46 AM

Brad - Alfonso has a superb shot class effect which he sells:

A genuine empty shot glass INSTANTLY fills with whiskey, which Alfonso then drinks. The glass can be used for any effect prior to and after this.
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Postby Guest » 12/30/01 07:21 AM

If you can find any of the Sam Berland lecture notes or booklets Sam had several using a shot glass. If you have trouble locating them contact me. I have the right to the Sam Berland product line and will be happy to supply you with anything.

Postby Pete Biro » 12/30/01 10:02 AM

Abbott's SQUASH is one of the greatest small magic tricks of all time... it is the vanish and reproduction of a shot glass filled with liquid.

I got mine when it was priced at $1.00.

I wore out a couple of them.
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Postby Pete Biro » 12/30/01 10:03 AM

You can also use Ron Wilson's Chop Cup (Jennings is the same) that makes excellent use of a shot glass.
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