Sawing a bunny in half

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Postby Guest » 05/25/03 03:04 PM

Anybody do it? Anybody know anybody who's done it? Serious, scholarly responses only, please. :cool:

Postby Steve Bryant » 05/25/03 05:14 PM

Penn and Teller toss one into a wood chipper.
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Steve Bryant
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Postby Michael Edwards » 05/25/03 07:13 PM

And Harry Anderson ate that cute little guinea pig, Skippy, on Saturday Night Live. I think NBC is still getting calls.
Michael Edwards
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Postby Carl Mercurio » 05/26/03 07:55 AM

I think Ferentino (am I spelling that right) has a bloody bit with a bunny that gets sawed in half. Btw, the Penn & Teller thing with the bunny in the wood chipper is pretty funny....
Carl Mercurio
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Postby Murray Hatfield » 06/10/03 12:19 PM

Don't forget Ed Alonzo and his cut and restored bunny to the Hokey Pokey...
Murray Hatfield
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Postby Murray Hatfield » 06/10/03 12:20 PM

...and Eric Buss and his Impaled Rabbit routine.
Murray Hatfield
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