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Postby Syd » 03/18/07 07:26 PM

I have read the Steinmeyer book on Alan Wakeling and want to review the music he used in his routine. Unforunately, the book only refers to the title and not the specific version/artist. Does anyone know what versions Alan Wakeling used of "On a Clear Day" and "Ebb Tide" ?

Also - any recommendations on music for the routine?
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Postby Guest » 03/18/07 09:21 PM

When I saw Alan perform live, he had a pianist on stage play the accompaniment on a baby grand piano. I don't recall what she played, but he was terrific doing the billiard balls in this presentation.

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 06:53 AM

Let us not forget the Kalanag Multiplying Billiard Ball routine. I know he was unpopular with a number of American magicians of the time but one must learn to separate the artiste from the man when judging him. None of the sleights he used were difficult BUT the musical accompaniment he used was superb, fitting every nuance of the routine. Add in the cigar smoke and it was the most entertaining, full of humour ball routine I've ever seen.Later he added a colour changing lamp which worked with the balls changing colour. This was gilding the lily and unnecessary.And he did milk the final vanish in a champagne glass of water, of the last ball. Unfortunately on my black & white videos of this, the colour changes don;t come over but the audience's obvious enjoyment does.
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