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Postby Guest » 03/05/03 02:08 AM

What is the best knife taking into account cost, blood capacity and realism?

The one I have at them moment is pretty dodgy.

Postby Guest » 03/05/03 04:23 AM


I don't know whether marc Spelmann in England is still making his version but if he is you should get one they are very real...he's an old mate of mine and may cut you a deal if you say you know me, which you don't...But that's no excuse since you only live in Canberra. I'll send you his email address.

The one I have is a twisted hybrid of Davenports and International magic....handle from one blade from other....served me pretty well in my comedy don't do it seriously do you!

The best blood is the proper liechner make up stuff(Washes off straight away and doesn't leave a pink stain)


were you allright in the fires by the way...Hope so?

Postby Guest » 03/05/03 02:07 PM

Thanks Dean!

My house was fine during the bushfires cos I live in the inner city but many of my clients and friends lost their house.

Postby Guest » 03/06/03 10:01 AM

You beat me to the punch... I was on my way to this site to post a question that I had about the Knife Thru Arm effect.

I need to know about the version that the Amazing Jonathan has advertised. It's a Knife Thru Arm that apparently is of his own design. If it's the one, and it probably is, that he uses on his TV Specials then it looks great. Unfortunately, there is no picture and the ad copy on the site is minimal at best.

I've sent an email to the site requesting more info but I have yet to hear back from them. If anyone out there knows about this product or is lucky enough to own one, then I'd like to hear more. Thanks

Postby Guest » 03/06/03 02:59 PM

I use the Mak knife and while it isn't the best, it is the best value. A lot of dealers and magicians claim that the Amazing Johnathon knife is good but not $299 good.

A knife thru arm needs three things.

a) LOTS of blood - the mak knife uses a piece of surgical tube that all squirts a little out. I was thinking of putting a syringe on in.

b) realistic gimmick - some are very light and don't shoot out fast enough.

c) looks like a real knife - some look like plastic.

Postby Guest » 03/06/03 07:47 PM

I don't remember where I saw a picture of the amazing Johnathan knike but the thing looks great.
By far the most realistic I've seen. This thing looked very much like something I would have in my kitchen. Also I think the disign would throw off those in the know as the blade appeared thicker than the handle.

Postby Guest » 03/07/03 07:10 AM

The Amazing Jonathans Knife in arm illusion is the best version out there, it was through sheer frustration at the poor quality knifes that I made my own. My version is based on The AJ look but I have been told is more reliable and easier to use live.. I cannot say wether this is true or not as I have never used or seen the sold AJ knife. Mine has been rented out by numerous pros who prefer it to the AJ sold version. It's a bummer to make but it was worth it as the knife looks like it's straight from the kitchen drawer, also it is designed to penetrat lower down the arm thus the secret arch is less in size which equals lee of an extension of the blade in extended mode..

I've just confused myself...It does fool those who may otherwise not be fooled by the thick handle versions...


Postby Guest » 03/09/03 08:03 AM

From what I remember your handle is even thinner than the AJ's Ohhh Errr Missus!!. and your bulb is bigger!!!!! OHHH saucy!

Postby Guest » 03/09/03 02:39 PM

Where can I see this amazing knife of which you speak.

Hey..We have the same birthday spelmann!

Postby Guest » 03/20/03 12:45 PM


I need knife thru arm asap! :confused:

I'm opening a show April 9 and the one that I was going to use fell through. I tried t o purchase the one that the Amazing Jonathan sells off his site but they're casting a new die and the knives won't be ready for several weeks. HELP! Can anyone out there in the Cyber Either point me in the right direction – who can I call? Is there a website I can go to? I'd like to hold off on the Mak knives, but I will purchase one as a last resort. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Postby Pete Biro » 03/20/03 01:40 PM

EMAIL ME I have a european one that "if I can find" would sell...
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Postby Guest » 03/31/03 09:37 PM

I took my MAK knife and added a 8ml syringe instead of the crappy rubber tube. The improvement is MASSIVE. The blood SPURTS out and there is a HUGE amount.

However, the blood I am using stained my arm for a couple of days so I am trying new mixes (chocolate sauce and food colour works well!)

Also, has anyone ever performed the knife where there are kids in the audience?

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