stage requirements

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stage requirements

Postby Guest » April 23rd, 2003, 9:39 pm

Hi I have a question. When you do a stage show for about 150 people or more, are you suppose to supply the sound system or is the client suppose to supply it. I know that a lot of performers have a policy if the show is close and they can drive they will bring the sound system but if they have to fly, the client has to provide it. Also is it the clients job to provide a big projector or screen so if you are performing for a group of 500-1000 so everyone can see what is going on on stage? I dont do a lot of big shows for more then 300 people, when my brother and I do a mental act is like a parlour act for 100 people or so, so we dont need a big projector, but as we start getting bigger gigs in the future, we might need them and i just wanted to get some advice from people on this forum who have had experience on it before


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