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Quite a long time ago I brought up the issue of classical magic and the dancing cane. Quite a few dis-liked the cane because most of you said the audience knows the method. I still like the routine and wanted you to check out the new dancing cane that I purchased. It is the 21st century of a beautiful classic. It can be seen from the front of the stage to the rear. It's well balanced and the same principle is used however it can not be seen. I love it and give it a thumbs-up

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My son, Jayson, just won the 2004 People's Choice Award at the IBM convention using the Vortex. We had reservations, as it is flashy, and bright....but it fit his routine, as a light cane the then transfers power to a chalice that lights up. Jayson works with Jeff McBride, and he got the cane before it was sold, for his act. This cane is fun, and useful in a large area, but can be overpowering if not used in context. It's like a lot of's a great trick, a great the right situation! Good luck and hope you enjoy yours!

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