insTand as a magician's table

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Postby Guest » 03/12/02 08:42 PM

Has anyone ever tried this? The makers tell me that they've sold many to magicians.

How's the stability? Does the bigger platform affect stabiltiy? Is the heavy duty version necessary?

-- Frank L.

Postby Kurt Lee Flickner » 03/14/02 06:54 PM

That is cool that you found these on the web, there is a magic dealer that is selling these for 150.00, and I am talking about the CR-3 model, my friend took and attatched one of those large tool suitcases that you can get at large hardware stores, the kind with all the partitions in them,, anyways, the stability is very good, he is very happy with it, he does alot of MC work, so needs to work in front of curtains etc.
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Postby Guest » 03/14/02 08:08 PM

I also posted this question at Kevin James' site, and a good idea mentioned was using a cymbal stand as your base. It's not as complete as this web version, since you have to get the top (plywood from a hardware store), but it's a lot cheaper. I haven't decided which way I'll go...

-- Frank

Postby Guest » 03/15/02 01:08 AM

Being a drummer myself I can vouch for the Cymbal Stand idea (it looks like the CR5 model uses one), but I would NOT make one myself. Putting a flat surface perpendicular on top of a pole (a Cymbal Stand in this case) is very difficult even for an accomplished machinist. My bet would be to go with the proven model already offered by insTand. $200 is worth the many hours of wobbly frustration you, no doubt, will go through in my book.

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Postby Pete Biro » 03/15/02 09:10 AM

Several dealers in the past have offered tables made from drum/cymbal stands... go to a major drum supplier and check 'em out.

A simple flange will work fine if you get the "right" top end to the stand. Kinda like a flat round piece screwed to table top on theunderside and a one inch rod sticking out that goes into the top of the stand and locks in with a swivel lever.

I have one somewhere around here I got from Davenport's in London.

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Postby Guest » 03/15/02 07:11 PM

I, too, am a drummer and for years have used a cheap snare drum stand as a stand for my briefcase, which I use as a table. I open the briefcase and work from the inside, using the lid as a 'screen' to reach behind when necessary. This works GREAT and cost only around $25. I've toyed with the idea of attaching a roll down sign to the lid (ala Ballentine) with my name or appropriate comic wording that I could flip down at will.

I was able to use my stand with no modifications - stroll through the drum hardware at a music store with an open mind... adapting some of that stuff shouldn't be too difficult! --Asrah

Postby Earle Oakes » 03/21/02 12:11 AM

Ken Brooke sold a table that used a cymbol stand as the base and it works very well.
It is stable and looks elegant
and has a very thin top.I found the same stand here in the States at a music store as has been suggested. PREMIER
Lockfast Stands Model PD314
Suspended Cymbol Stand.
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