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Postby Gregory Schultz » 09/07/04 03:44 PM

Hello Since the unfortunate death of Harry Blackstone Jr. I have started to play with the Floating Light Bulb. Harry Jr., doing the floating light bulb is in my opinion the finest stage effect ever. I would not even consider doing this if Harry had not died. I have been playing with the floating light bulb since he died. I do not see adding this to my professional act. I am thinking of setting this up in my large back yard and inviting some friends over to enjoy this. My question is: what sort of string should I use, and where can I buy this? Also, David Copperfield, as well as the late Harry Blackstone were doing effects like the dancing hank without red lights. What I am hoping for is a source for the proper threads for the floating light bulb, as well as a source, for a full light dancing hank using full lights. I am basically looking for sources for these materials.


Greg Schultz
Gregory Schultz
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Postby Guest » 11/15/07 10:00 AM

I loved that effect when I was a kid. Kind of brings back early magic memories. I do a lot of close-up levetations and alittle stage. There is one kind of thread i-thread that I have found to be very strong. I'm not sure of the manufacturer but this thread comes with the effect known as "The P.K. Pencil" It is made out of kevlar, like in body armor. I love the stuff. Don't know if that helps you in any way but I saw that you haven't got a reply yet and thought I'd share the little info I have.
Good Luck -BROWN-

Postby Guest » 11/29/07 12:22 AM

I cant think of anything I would rather not see, than some magician performing Harrys floating light bulb in his back yard

Postby Guest » 11/29/07 05:32 AM

Originally posted by Gregory Schultz:
...I am basically looking for sources for these materials...
With all possible respect, you may get better results of you start your explorations of magic using invisible thread with published sources from Okito to Ralph Adams and leave the rather personal and unpublished works till you have the basics mastered.

Postby Guest » 12/02/07 09:20 PM

Listen man, just do what you do and learn from mistakes. The best people to perform magic fo are family and freinds because the most of the time respect you and you should be able to trust them. It is just good company. If you want to do the floating light bulb, do it. I don't see anything wrong with it. I think when a magician comes up with a great idea and tradmarks it, he calls it his own. and when the magician dies they would probably think it was cool that someone liked their trick so much that they learn to perform it. Just make sure you put your own style to it. I wish you luck.
If you haven't worked with thread before, and you may have- I don't know, but johnathon has great advise as well. It is much easier if you start out with something smaller. Thread has a threshold and you will need to master that.
As for the dancing hanky, I saw something pretty similar to what you were explaining in the book "Secret Illusion Show" by Andrew Mayne. You can find it on the Pengin Magic Shop online.

Have a good time.

Postby Guest » 12/14/07 08:14 PM

Hans Klock and Darrien Romeo have licensing from Gay Blackstone to do Harry's routine.

I also heard that Hans Klock did a very good job with it.


Postby Guest » 12/31/07 06:11 AM

I saw Darren Romeo do it in Branson, Missouri two years ago. He began the routine with a video that talked about him meeting Blackstone and his wife and how Blackstone was one of his boyhood idols. He then talked about how he was going to perform the effect with Harry's bulb, etc. It was very well done. I know there had to be some threads, but it was in a confined theater and all so I could not see anything. The bulb even came on and off during the routine. If I remember, he probably sang during the presentation.


Postby Guest » 01/14/08 08:24 PM

Someone recently emailed me about the dancing
hank and pete. I haven't gotten around to it
yet. By the time I do get around to it,
I won't be able to to post it here.

I'll probably post it on my journal, so
keep a look out for it there.

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