the "zombie ball"

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Postby Guest » 05/13/03 01:13 PM

I have purchased a 4" chrome ZOMBIE BALL that came with vague instructions, does anyone have any advise as to a better routine ?

Postby Pete Biro » 05/13/03 03:45 PM

Just start to work with it... ad lib, play, think... you might come up with something better than anyone else.

Try to watch Dirk Losander if he's on video anywhere. Also Tommy Wonder.

good luck with an olde, overdone, classic :p
Stay tooned.
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Pete Biro
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Postby Steve Bryant » 05/13/03 07:42 PM

In the 60s, Neil Foster was considered the top man with the zombie. You can watch him do it on Don Alan's Magic Ranch videos.
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Steve Bryant
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Postby Russell Davis » 05/15/03 06:17 PM

The best source in print for a very convincing Zombie routine is the book "Al Schneider on Zombie". It is hard to find but essential.
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Postby Guest » 05/16/03 05:55 PM

Hey, thank you guys for for your valuable comments. This cyber age we live in wlould make the giants of the past be at awe.

Postby Guest » 05/16/03 05:56 PM

Of coarse they would still correct my spelling.

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