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Postby Guest » 09/19/02 08:44 PM

What is everybody's favorite routines for children?
What is working for oyu?

Postby Mitch Dutton » 09/20/02 06:14 AM

Simple things worked best for me. C&R rope (let a little girl 'blow' the knot off for the restoration), TT silk vanish into child's shoe, Professor Cheer, live bunny production (let them pet it after the show), Hippity Hop Rabbits is fun if you don't bait the kids too much - a little sublety is good. Stock stuff like the coloring book, vanishing crayons, etc. are things magicians like to do more than kids like to see, IMHO. -Mitch
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Postby Guest » 09/20/02 07:31 AM

Miser's Dream works especially well, especially when you go into the audience to remove coins from the children's ears. There is a lot of gags you can do when you do that too like going to remove a coin from a child's ear and saying "Eeeew! There's just cauliflower in there" and such that the kid's all think is histerical.

Gags with balloons are always funny, the "long/short rope trick" works great, again with such gags as the cut-no-cut-scissor's, no handle scissor's, breakaway wands, prestonesto, etc....

The best things are ones that involve all the kids and throwing in two way jokes, some that go over the parents heads that are directed just at the kids and ones that zing over the kids heads that the parents get. (They always watch and after all, they are flipping the bill, so try to entertain them as well as the kids).

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