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Postby Roland » 10/20/03 09:45 PM

I'm looking for a sword through body that looks good and doesn't cost a ton. Apparently Norm Nielsen made a version a few years back that was very well made but he isn't manufacturing them any more. Does anyone know of any decent ones being made or have a Nielsen version in the basement? Thanks for any help.
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Postby Pete Biro » 10/20/03 10:42 PM

I used to have one made by Abbott's in Colon, Michigan. Maybe they still have 'em? The trick is to put "helicopter" tape on the blade.
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Postby Bizzaro » 10/28/03 08:07 PM

Helicopter tape?
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Postby Guest » 10/29/03 06:49 AM

Q: Helicopter tape?

A: What is duct tape called after the pentagon pays Locheed a thousand dollars a roll for it?
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Postby Pete Biro » 10/29/03 10:44 AM

Helicopter tape is the very thin, very strong (clear most often) tape, about the size etc. of duct tape, and is especially made to put on the leading edges of helicopter blades. This stuff is so tough it resists small rock damage, sand storm damage, etc.

It was first used where I saw it by the Roger Penske auto racing team where they put it on the leading edge of the winglets on racing cars.
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Postby Robert Allen » 10/29/03 11:56 AM

Pete is correct. ...damn, did we discuss this before or am I having a MAJOR deja-vous? Anyhow you can buy Helicopter tape by the roll from racing suppliers, check your local phonebook or the web. I bought mine from Coleman Racing a few years ago.

The stuff reminds me more of thin plastic than heavy duct tape. But it is sticky on one side like tape. You can use a heat gun or blow dryer to form it to compound curves. The roll I have is clear. I bought it to protect the paintjob on my car when using it on the track, as it allegedly comes off when you re-apply heat leaving little or no residue, and without removing the paint. All I ever ended up using it for though was door sill protection on my Miata.
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