5/8" THICK rope ?

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Postby Guest » 03/14/03 08:38 PM

I would like to know if anyone can tell me where I can obtain 5/8" thick rope (cotton , with core that can be removed, like standard 1/2" rope ) ? This 5/8" thick cotton rope is very visible from long distances and would work great for standard Cut & Restored or Professor's Nightmare, Linking Ropes, etc.

Postby Guest » 03/24/03 07:22 PM

Well, I found a source for the thick rope.

For anyone else who is interested , you can get 3/8" and 5/8" thick cotton rope from Empire Magic


They call it Deluxe Euro Rope.

"EuroRope is larger than most regular magician's rope which measures 1/4" inch in diameter. Deluxe EuroRope measures 3/8" inch. Super Deluxe EuroRope measures
5/8" inch."

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