#22 in Ron Bauer's Private Studies Series -- the Jim Bergstrom Paper Hat Trick

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Postby Guest » 09/26/07 12:51 PM

Jim Bergstrom's Hat Trick is the latest in the series of Ron Bauer's Private Studies.

I'm not going to give this a long review. It doesn't need one. I'll tell you this -- if you get the book you will realize that the Paper Hat Tear is not just for children any more.

As in all of the Private Studies series, the attention to detail is meticulous. You get the entire routine -- method, patter, handling details -- everything. You get the reasons that you say everything. More important, you get the reasons NOT to say or do certain things that will come to mind as you are performing.

This routine is the one Jim Bergstrom used during his extended stay at the Magic Castle.

Even if you don't do the routine, there is one section that is worth the price of the book. He tells you in meticulous detail exactly how to make your own paper hat tears. He tells you what color and brand of paper to buy -- a suggestion that will pay for itself in the long run -- and what all of those odd color names really mean.

If you are familiar with Ron's work, you know the kind of quality you will be getting.

If you aren't, then you are cheating yourself out of some of the best, inexpenive magic lessons on the planet.

Ron's style of writing is so clear that most of you won't even need a DVD to get the hang of what is going on. And Sandy Kort's illustrations leave nothing to the imagination.

Only $10.00, and available at YFD, or directly from the publisher at http://www.thinklikeaconjurer.com .

Now, where did I leave those scissors and that tissue paper? Hmmmm....

I might add this -- when Jim found out that Ron wanted to release his routine, he was delighted. When he saw the final results, he was greatly pleased.

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