Making a Bunny Box OR Mirror Box

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Postby Guest » 09/18/06 08:36 PM

I am making a bunny box or mirror box, i am looking for books but i am kind of stumped where to look, i checked out some book stores but i cant buy all of the books or look through all of them, does anyone have any pointers to get me in the right dirrection?

Postby Guest » 09/18/06 11:20 PM

The majority of magicians don't seem to have much interest in making their own props, which is why you can't find detailed plans of the type you're seeking. The Magic Nook is more or less devoted to "Do-It-Yourself" magic, and you can get individual e-book articles on a variety of props and routines very reasonably, along with e-mail help to back it up if you should run into problems.

We currently don't have a bunny box or a mirror box article, because it is also a "Wizard style" magic site, and Wizards don't like using boxes and tubes and mirrors when just a tap of the old wand will suffice.

However: In the book "Tear-able Magic," by Eleazar Goodenough, he has an article about tearing up tissue paper to make a three dimensional top hat, which can then be used to produce a small rabbit.

The WAH Production Box in the Wizards' Journal #10 can be adapted for a rabbit production (it currently suggests a stack of fishbowls as the final production load). WAH stands for Westgate/Aldini/Histed whose principles have been combined in the box. Jim Gerrish added the final touch, but refuses to call it "WAHG" because that sounds too much like coughing up a hairball.

If you're not in a rush, I happen to know that Fred Goode and Jim Gerrish are collaborating on "Peter Cottentail" for the NEXT issue of The Wizards' Journal (#11) which will be out some time in October. That involves an invisible rabbit that becomes a visible live bunny at the end of the routine and has lots of Easter eggs bouncing around to add excitement. They are building the prototype now and it will be photographed for the article.

I hope that helps somewhat.

Postby Guest » 09/19/06 09:06 AM

That helps plenty i will wait for the #11 journal it sounds like a winner, but in the mean time i will just poke around and see what i can find, i am just on a low budget is why i am making my own. i just need to know about the mirrors. I will continue to look around, and also, how much do you think it will cost me? The #11 i mean.

Postby Guest » 09/19/06 04:16 PM

All of our individual Wizards' Journal articles are $3.00 each. When the volume of 11 articles is complete, the entire volume costs $20, which brings the cost of individual items down to less than $2.00 each, but if you only want the one, then $3 will get you what you want. Be looking for Peter Cottontail in that issue. Even though the routine is full of bouncing Easter eggs, it is worded so you don't have to only perform it at that time of year. After all, Santa works on making toys all year long, and the Easter bunny works on his eggs and baskets the same way. So far our expenses for building the props look like they will come in under $20 for materials.

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