Finn Jon's Bubble Formula

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Postby Rick Schulz » 08/07/03 06:29 PM

Does anyone have a source for the Finn Jon Bubble Trick or the formula for how to make the bubble solution that makes the bubbles "stronger"? :help:
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Postby Guest » 08/07/03 07:08 PM


Check with Joe or Mark Stevens at Stevens Magic Emporium ( They have Finn's bubbles, videos, and loops.

Bob Phillips

Postby Rick Schulz » 08/07/03 07:55 PM

Thanks for info!! :D

Joe's website doesn't seem to list it but I'll give them a call.

Thanks again! :)
Rick Schulz
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Postby Jon Elion » 08/08/03 05:40 AM

According to his "Soap Bubbles Magic" book, Finn Jon uses different formulas, depending on how he wants to use the bubbles. He suggests that you always use very clean containers when mixing them up, including a glass stirring rod and distilled water. Store in airtight bottles, and before using, shake it gently up and down to homogenize (but don't make it foam). He adds that the liquid for bubbles becomes better with time. If you mix up a large batch, transfer the amount you want to play with to a small bottle, and don't return this liquid to the main batch.

The book lists several "Ancient Formulas". They are similar to the recipe listed at . There are more formulas listed at ; those add Karo syrup (Finn Jon also uses sugars). You can find the pure Glycerin you need at your local drugstore.

He also lists two "Modern formulas" with liquid soap, glycerin and honey, but doesn't say how much water to use. The book also describes "a very concentrated special liquid" to produce small diameter bubbles anywhere; this is supposedly available from Proust's Academie de Magie in Paris (but is not listed on their website). You can try them by email at Probably not much help to you though, unless you know how his unique way of using it.

Can you read French? Georges Proust (original publisher of Finn Jon's "Soap Bubbles Magic" book has a copy of the book in French for sale on his website (at least I think that's George's web site).

Finally, remember that the quality of the surrounding air is important -- if it is too dry, the bubbles will be more fragile.

Hope that helps; email me private ( if I can help any further.

-Jon Elion
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Postby Guest » 05/23/06 06:36 PM

Is it possible to magnetize the produced bubbles in some way?

There are so called ferroliquids, stable suspensions of micro magnetic particles in a carrier solution. These look like regular liquids but under the influence of magnetic fields take the shape of the field lines.

Maybe it would be possible to magnetize the bubbles in a similar way and manipulate them in unusual directions.

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