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Postby Guest » 11/07/02 05:22 PM

Someone knows how the Martin Lewis "Senor brando" egg bag can be used in the broken and restored watch?

Can be the usual egg bag routines be done with this bag?


Postby Robert Kane » 11/07/02 06:14 PM

Hi Dario:

It's the Senor Mardo Egg Bag and instructions for the Lewis Watch Routine are normally included with the Mardo Egg Bags that he sells. They are made by his mother. Here is a link to buy a Lewis-made Senor Mardo bag and routine booklet: http://www.magikraft.com

The Mardo Egg Bag is quite different from the traditional Malini Egg Bag for example, so I don't believe all the same moves and routines are interchangeable.

Regardless the Mardo Egg Bag is a superb item and a thing of beauty in Lewis' hands. Hope that helps.

Regards, Robert Kane :)
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Postby Guest » 11/07/02 07:36 PM

I can honestly say that the Mardo egg bag is a great prop to use, but remember it's only a prop. I'd not thought of doing the egg bag until seeing Martin do it, but once I started, I worked out my own routine that gives a reason for using the bag.
By the way, he does include the instructions for the watch routine in the instructions that come with the bag.

Postby Pete Biro » 11/08/02 07:04 PM

Actually, fun seekers... the "Mardo Egg Bag" is, in fact, the "Tarbell Egg Bag" (I don't know which volume it is in).

Senor Mardo moved from the East Coast to California, settling in Oakland, California for some time. He worked in the same shop I did, then openend (for a very short time) his own shop.

His wife (Lynn Castell, I believe) was an excellent seamstress and made the bags.

The key is the design. I used to bring Royal Stewart Tartan fabric back from England for the bags.

When Martin Lewis' Mum started to make the bags it revived a high-quality bag suitable for many routines.

Different in design than the Charlie Miller bag (called a Malini bag, but designed by Charlie and Harry Riser--who's wife made the first ones--and input from Persi Diaconis) which is a solid color.

IMHO the Miller/Malini bag is best for close up, the Tarbell/Mardo/Lewis bag best for parlour and stage. :genii:
Stay tooned.
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Postby Randy Sager » 11/10/02 08:22 AM


The Egg Bag is in number 5 or six of Tarbell. I am not exactly sure at this moment which one as My Tarbells are in storage at this moment so I dont have them handy. but I do know it is in one of those two.

Also I know Lynn castel (Mardo's ex wife). I have not seen here in a few years but she still lives in Las Vegas.

I believe it was actually Lynn that made the small change to the sterling egg bag, and that is how it became known as the Mardo egg bag after she started to make them and they were sold by him. I have one made by Lynn and it is very nice.

To anyone who is interested in the Malini egg bag or Sterling-Mardo bag I very strongly suggest you contact the ones mentioned in previous posts who make the bags. As there are a few Egg Bags on the market that are called Mardo or Malini but they are not made very well at all. So safe your self the frustration of getting a poor quality bag and buy from the suppliers mentioned.
Randy Sager
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Postby Guest » 11/10/02 05:05 PM

Thanks for your coments. I'm interested in know more about the use in the broked and restored watch


Postby Robert Kane » 11/10/02 05:39 PM

Dario: I would kindly suggest that you should buy the bag and routine from Martin Lewis to learn the secret and its use. I can tell you that I have seen him perform the watch routine live and it is very good. Absolutely worth the investment.
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Postby Guest » 12/06/02 02:11 AM

Lynetta Welch makes the best of the Malini bags. Her bag is used by both Johnny Thompson and Lance Burton. It is expensive, but worth every penny. It has certain features created by Johnny that are not available on other bags.

It is available from lynetta@lynetta.com, or from schoolforscoundrels.com

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