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Postby Guest » 12/12/06 01:45 AM

I note that the topic was removed, probably due to the lack of sensible answers. Mine included. :)

but should the original poster still want something on his queery, here are my thoughts on it..

When talking about adding to the James Routine, I cant see any benifit in using anything other than a small hand held fan, and the traditional Tissue method. I favour the Bongo cut, which is a small rectangular cut, in order to make the tissue pieces flutter. This also gives optimum surface area, so you get a good initial lift. With the snowstorm effect, i believe that height is more important than the size of the load, because the longer it takes to come down, the bigger the load appears to teh audience.
( and the quicker it gets cleared up after)

Ive seen some snowstorms, where the performer should of been banned for making such a mess.

And ive had to sweep up after them to!
which is another thing. When i do the storm, I always say to the stage mananger, that if there is a broom around, i'l sweep it up after myself. Fingers crossed, I've never had too, but the offer always goes down well.

And we all know that the magicians best friend is a stage manager.

Postby Guest » 12/12/06 04:41 AM

thanks for the response.. just sent you an email on the subject..

Postby Guest » 12/12/06 06:04 AM

thanks Steve, a reply is on it's way..

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