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Postby Guest » 10/16/02 05:15 PM

Lance Burton performed the silk to egg, does anyone know what it was on. I was thinking that it was on one of the worlds greatest magic series??

Postby Guest » 10/29/02 12:21 PM

I have Lance's DVD so I know for sure it's on that.

It's either gotta be "The Legend Begins" or "The Encounter".

Postby Guest » 12/12/07 09:22 PM

Don't overlook the routines in Lesson 19 in Tarbell Volume 1. There is also a chapter in Rice on Silk and Eggs.

(New techniques in this area are very rare!)

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Postby Brandon Hall » 12/13/07 02:43 PM

Check out Whit Haydn's version. No one does it better. It's called the Red Silk Mystery
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