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Postby Brian Marks » 04/23/05 10:07 AM

I remember Max Maven performing a trick where several spectators have a wrong key, 1 has the right one. Upon feeling an inclination to open the lock on e spectator gets up an does it. There a few marketed effects which achieve similiar things.

I had the weird idea of trying to use a combination lock. Have 3 people pick #s and have it be the correct combination. Of course getting them to pick the right #s isnt easy. Well I haven't thought of a method yet. any ideas?
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Postby Guest » 04/23/05 01:50 PM

It is for sale under several names, one by Lee Earle, AND I believe that there is a published method or two floating around too although I don't have time to check my library for that at the moment. It is usually a small combination lock that can be "alterted" so that it will open under any combination input.

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