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Postby Steve Vaught » 11/24/03 10:31 PM

I am developing a "reading show" for children. I want to end the show talking to the audience about how reading will change you. I want to take "something", be it a tissue, paper, or origami figure and morph it into a live dove. I have checked tarbell and a "tops" book that I have on dove magic. I can't find what I am looking for.
1)The dove will need to be concealed during the whole show(40 min.)...production at the end.
2)I am trying to stay away from the dove pan.

I saw an add in another known magic magazine,that was advertising the production of a dove with a book. That sounds exactly like what I am wanting. Although I have not heard how well this prop is made. It would be shipped all the way from Thialand. So I am wondering if anyone could give me ideas on this situation.
How is the Ian Adair video? would he have something along the lines I am looking?
Again, the dove would need to be concealed during the entire show. I am wanting to be able to sit or possibly stand while I tell a quick story about change...having the "something" merge into a dove in my hands as the climax.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful comments

Steve (the OTHER Steve V)
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Postby GAMOLO » 11/25/03 04:44 PM

Dear Steve,
I do a lot of dove productions. I do not recommend that you keep the birds in a typical box or body load for 40 minutes. There simply is not enough air.
You do not want air holes on body loads because the birds will start to peck at it. Hence, about 15+ minutes is really about max you want to wait if producing from the body.
The Collector's Workshop Dove of Life prop you referred to is nice, but again, not for concealing the dove(s) for 40 minutes.
I believe you will need to assemble/obtain your own carrying case, with air holes, to keep the birds for most of your talk. Perhaps this case can be concealed behind a stack of books or something germane to your talk. Then, say 5 minutes before your production ( so the kids won't connect your "move" to the later production) you can take the bird(s) out of the case and place them into your ultimate production it a book production, newspaper, etc., etc. Misdirection could be via asking for a volunteer, searching for and finding some rare book, item, etc. which was also behind the stack/ cover, etc. Anything to divert for ten seconds while you take the bird out of the case and place into your final load.
Obviously, this all could be made easier if you had an assistant, but your situation sans assistant is really quite managable.
Have a good show!
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Postby Steve Vaught » 11/26/03 08:44 AM

Thank you Gale for those words. I will obtain a box with holes to contain the dove until the RIGHT
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Postby Steve Vaught » 11/26/03 08:55 AM

uggghhh, I hit the wrong button. OK, where was I, yes, I will obtain a box with holes to hold the dove until a little before the production time. And then conceal the dove in the book. You gave me a wonderful lead (Collectors Workshop). I went to the website and read the description as soon as you gave me the info! In my first post, I was referring to an ad for Siam Magic Company in Thialand. Thanks again for your time and comments.

Gale, since you work with doves, I only have one, I use it just on occasion and that is just for a quick production. I have a couple books on doves, would you recommend any videos?

Steve (yes, the OTHER Steve V)
Steve Vaught
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Postby Guest » 12/05/03 08:38 PM


Gale was right, 40 minutes is WAY to long for a dove to be confined.

The Adair Video is mostly old methods of producing doves thru the use of some type of apparatus, ie Drawer Box, Carnaval Ribbons, and other such equipment. There is one production that uses a small house that changes and in the end a dove is produced. I will have to review my copy to see if there is a book production.

The best videos that I have seen are the Tony Clark series.

If you do not want to do body loads then Tony Clark Unmasks II would be your best choice as all but one production is done without the usage of any body load. [However the best production in my opinion on that video is an opening using a disappearing cane to a silk with an off-beat production of a dove (body load required very easy). I have used this production not only for doves but also for the production of a real Coke Bottle (full) in my manipulation act. Great audience response.]

Tony Clark Unmasks I is a good introduction to current body load techniques.

Tony Clarks Behind the Seams is for the serious dove worker and is very good.

James Adamson

Postby Guest » 12/05/03 10:23 PM

I agree that the Tony Clark vanishing cane opener is definitely the one to start with. There are no loops to go hunting for so you can concentrate on presentation.

I added doves to my stage show in the last year and a half and this is a great way to start dove steals.

I would also like to mention A no body-load production on one of the John Thompson videos available from L&L. Everyone should have these videos anyway.

This is based on a Tony Marks concept. If you don't know it's coming it will nail you.

Mr. Thompson explains in the video that Tony Marks used this to produce a 35 lb. rabbit as his acts' finale'.

Best of luck.


Postby Steve Vaught » 12/10/03 08:42 AM

James, you have my interest on the Tony Clark video now! The only thing is that I have to keep this production in context with the theme of the show. I am probably going to purchase the book prop today from the Collector's Workshop. Thanks for all of your help.
oh by the way, Gale, I did not use the dove in the outside show last weekend. The show wasn't worth loosing the the cold that is.
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Postby Larry Horowitz » 12/10/03 04:24 PM

You may want ot check out George Millward's Complete Gloves to Dove for ideas. Both for presentation and holding the doves.
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