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Postby Guest » 06/13/04 12:51 AM

Hey all, I'm going to be working the Benton County Fair (Benton County Oregon) this summer (whoever's in the area, I'd love to see you there). It's mainly walkaround, but I may get to do a stage thing. In that case, I'll do some of Tabary's rope material, maybe a little manipulation (cards of course), and I plan to close with Christopher Brent's AWESOME flying silk. My problem is this: I wanted to do a jumbo three card monte, and use them same cards later on for Paul Harris' Immaculate Connection. Is there a jumbo TCM out there that I wouldn't have to feel bad about tearing up?

Postby Guest » 06/13/04 06:57 AM

I might be able to save you a little work and heartache. Although the choice of the monte routine is a good one, you may want to reconsider the flying scarf routine.

This routine involves some serious set-up when it's done inside. If your stage setting is outside the results could be disasterous to say the least. If others are useing the stage before you this could also prove unfortunate as your modus operandi could be removed and then you have no ending for your act.

There are a multitude of monte routines to choose from.

"Sidewalk Shuffle" by Martin Lewis (Try to find the Fred Kaps handling on this). Several dealers including Martin Lewis himself sell this excellent version.

Dan Harlan has a good routine called "Hold It Buster" that would work great for you because the patter could work great for a 16 year old.
Abbotts sells this.

There is also a routine called "The Only 3 Card Trick in the World Useing 4 Cards" , also called "The Irish Monte" by Joe Riding. I saw Harry Anderson do this once. Of course he killed with it. I think you may still be able to get this from british dealers.

The problem with a lot of the jumbo routines is the fact that the gaffed cards or duplicates are usually (not always) needed to get the dirty work done. There is also the issue of angles to work with. Will the stage you are working on be surrounded with people? If so take this into consideration when choosing the monte routine. Also will you be useing a microphone? If it's an outside setting be ready to really project your voice or practice with a mic. Take it from someone who has learned the hard way.

One last thing. The Immaculate Connection" effect plays fairly low on a table for some of the linking and unlinking as I remember. This essentially a close-up effect. Visibility might be poor.

Best of luck,


Postby Guest » 06/13/04 01:42 PM

Thanks for your input in all areas. I've worked on the Brent hookup a bit to make setup easier and less prone to dissaster; but I will reconsider. I'm just not sure if there's anything I do quite as strong as that. The Harris routine can work on stage. Several handling changes are required, but they are for the most part very minor. Of the monte routines you mentioned, which (if any) are ungaffed? The stage I'll be using (I'm fairly sure) is a proceneum, which makes angles pretty good. You do bring up a good point about the problems presented by an outdoor performance. So far as I know, I'll have no PA or Miking system- I'm a drama student, I can project (famous last words, I'm sure). I'm trying to think of more material at the moment, I really have very little experience with large stage work. I've done a good deal of parlor magic (a halloween gig for the deranged mutant hyperactive disrespectful bratty sixth graders rom HELL.... :mad: ), but this will be fairly new for me. Gotta start some time I guess.

Postby Guest » 06/13/04 03:18 PM

Irish Monte uses no gaffs other than that there is a duplicate of one of the cards which is in play the whole time. Harry Anderson sailed each of his out into the audience (diffrent parts of the audience ) when he did it.

Another suggestion. Use material that is commando approved. By That I mean material that can be done inside, out side,no mic. A good place to start might be Jeff McBrides' onstage #1. It contains his commando act. C&R rope, linking rings, mouth coil, bottle production. Great stuff that jeff formulated while getting his stage time in.


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